Bob Braids Hairstyles

Bob Braids Hairstyles – For natural hair, braids are a classic, reliable style: to help protect your delicate strands as they grow, soak them in a cream that you or your braider lovingly applies before each styling session. Applied in creams and oils. These are perfect for a chic brunch or wedding season as well as a more casual look, especially if you opt for a bob braid or braided bob. Whether you’ve got long bob braids (chunky lobs, maybe?) or super short chin-length bob braids, these examples below show where bob braids aren’t going — and for good reason.

Sometimes you need some badass 90s vibes, and adding some metallic cuffs adds just the right amount of retro flair. If the look isn’t impressive enough, keep adding more accessories.

Bob Braids Hairstyles

Add some unique details like metallic cuffs and some placement to the overall embroidered braid, especially when paired with soft baby hair.

Braided Hairstyles: 8 Beautiful Short Looks For Inspiration

Long, classic bob braids allow you to highlight your delicate collarbones as the braid falls gently to frame the face.

Curious about bob braids but want to take it to the next level? Try the location. Great for natural hair, especially if you add hair for a fuller, weaker look, this style will create a stronger, leaner look.

If the 2010s were the era of sides, this decade is the middle. Choose a center part for your bob braid and bring your face forward.

If you’ve always dreamed of gold, why not make today the day you do it? These white bob braids are only for those who are ready to commit. So go ahead and wait to make sure the person you want to appear in a selfie appears.

Box Braids Hairstyles Women Are Asking For In 2023

The fun doesn’t stop with this look. Top your bob braids with some pretty pops of color—we love how the muted blue frames contrast Amandla Steinberg’s face.

While we love the sharp midrange, the deep end sounds better than it did in the early 2000s. Paired with this trendy shade, the side-parted bob braid brings out an amazing variety of flavors.

Sometimes the best way is to keep it simple with neat box tops. With secure ends and a statement finish with gorgeous pearls, you can’t go wrong.

Sure, bob braids can be neat and tidy, but they can be pretty gratifying, especially if you choose a color like deep red. Play with your child’s hair and create some curly queues and you’ll feel like running an Instagram Story filter.

Ileri Frontal Goddess Bob Box Braids With Human Hair Curls 10”

Ombre is an ever-growing hair style trend. This square braid look gives a 2020 twist to the ombre trend, applied in short braids, each tied with a silver cuff.

A hat on each side of your face is a creative and attractive way to show off your features. If you or your braider are really up to it, weave gold and silver strands through your bob braid for extra punch.

You know what it’s like to walk down the aisle in a nice pair of feet? Or how you feel hearing the clicks of your progress as you tap with your new nails? With so many accessories, these braids can feel as strong as they look.

Add warm tones to your bob hairstyles to add warmth. These golden brown locks are layered with dark hair for a relaxed and easy look that’s easy to replicate. I love braiding my hair, but I don’t like many styles like micro braids that sit in your horse chair.

Poppin’ Medium Box Braid You Have To See

.I don’t have the patience to sit for half a day, so I have a big setback this fall. Because big braids are so voluminous—hence the name—they don’t take as long to braid, and they don’t weigh down your head like short braids. Plus, if you’re like me and especially low-maintenance, you’ll be happy to know that big braids are easy to style and look great no matter what you do with them.

Now that you’re into the big braid trend, check out these 12 big braids from Instagram and take screenshots of your favorite braids to send to your audience.

Add some sparkle to your big bangs by adding some gold cuffs. It is also an easy way to change the look.

Feeling brave? Then you must try this big yellow braid. Pro tip: Wrap your braids in a silk scarf at night and sleep on a silk pillow to ward off fleas and ticks.

The Braided Bob Is One Of The Slickest Styles For Summer

If you want a shorter length, style your big bangs into a bob. Don’t forget to spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner spray to keep your hair hydrated.

Take your hair to the next level by wearing your voluminous braids in this half-up, half-down look. Keep ends shiny and moisturized with a light pomade.

Wrap gold thread in a few of your braids for a cool touch. Make sure your lashes are shiny every morning with a shine spray.

If you want to try another bright color—or, if you’re not feeling yellow—try this bright pink braid. When you wash your hair, be sure to use a scalp treatment to ensure it’s not itchy and dry.

Bob Braids 2018: 14 Ideas In Chic Hairstyles

Next time you change your mind, take a page out of Ciara’s hair book and copy her extra long braid. Apply drying oil to the ends of your lashes to keep them looking fresh.

When it comes to your big braids, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Two tones not only look great (here’s the proof) but they also add another dimension to your style.

Another easy way to change the look? Literally, flip your big bangs to the side (and add some golden accents like strings and cuffs). Keep edges smooth with a non-flaky edge control gel.

Forget about messy buns – twist your big braids into a cute bun and secure with bobby pins. If you know your hair is prone to frizz, ask your braider to adjust the angle of your sections.

Box Braids Hairstyles For Black Women (2023 Trends)

For an ombre effect, transition your big bangs from dark to light at the roots. Use a no-rinse cleaner to clean your bra between washes.

Fact: Light brown is the perfect shade for big bangs, especially if you don’t want to go with plain black again or do crazy colors this time. Delicate, but fresh.

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PSA: You can drip over those gel eyeliners…does lymphatic facial massage work? If you use a hot eyelash curler, do you want your dry, flaky lashes to read it?

Beautiful Braided Bobs From Instagram That You Should Definitely Try

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Marsai Martin’s Braided Bob At Lexus Uptown Honors Hollywood

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