Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair – You might think it’s hard to get a protective hairstyle, but you’d be wrong! There are many ways to style your hair these days. Wear cute braids to an evening event, sport a quick bold protective style based on your natural afro, or show some attitude with a subtle updo.

Scroll through 50 photos of stunning styles below and visit your hairstylist. You’ll feel like a completely different person when you walk out that door! Plus, there are tons of new hairstyles to try the next time you’re stuck.

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

1. Neat braid with cuffs. If you have dark hair, you can look like a queen with a neat curly braid.

Best Protective Hairstyles Black Women In 2023

2. Blade lemonade for protection. Why braid straight down the back when you can braid both sides around the head? This style works well for thin ends.

3. Elegant low braid style. Double braid each side and pull it into a cute bun at the nape of the neck for a sleek updo that draws attention from every angle.

4. Sophisticated Defense Style. Natural protective hairstyles are definitely not boring – this stunning looks like a crown!

5. Protective beard and curly ponytail. Tight curly natural hair looks like princess cheese on the bottom and bouncy or on top.

Protective Styles For Natural Hair

6. Simple semi-defensive style. Wake up and go for a simple side braid pulled with beads on 4c hair.

7. Dramatic low van style. Not a new concept, but 4c hair is a good option to try.

8. Two messy boxer braids. Pulling spiky braids looks like a queen for a thicker and more attractive look.

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

9. Braid. Finish the day with sleek braids and sleek baby hair to soften the look. For perfect ends, use a moisturizing shea polish.

Natural Hair Protective Hairstyles, How To Videos

10. Easy and quick braided pony. Need unruly hair but want to look beautiful? The braided pony is a classic, quick protective style.

11. Smooth and silky top bangs. Check out this sleek and stylish bun! A silky straight hairstyle that is perfect for a date night.

12. Boxer Braids for Natural Hair 4c hair can be easily managed with princess-looking braids.

13. A bold twist on retro black and white. Crochet braids take center stage in contrasting and eye-catching colors.

Flat Twist Protective Style On 4c Hair — Krissy Lewis

14. Bunch braid with artificial undercut. With a delicate beard at the nape of the neck, this braided style puts all other curly styles to shame.

16. Cornrow hair art. Put small corn husks into two braids and add some color and warmth. Awesome!

17. Super High Chunky Braided Bun. Long hair with extensions? Twist it into a voluminous crown for an interesting yet simple updo.

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

18. Secure the Senegalese twist. Be the star of your own event with a Senegalese twist by throwing in bold beads for a special accent.

Best Protective Hairstyles For Natural 4c Hair

19. Two big afro buns. Cute Minnie Mouse buns are perfect for girls who love simple and fun hairstyles and for women with afro hair.

20. Secured Bantu knot. By now, many girls have tried many braided hairstyles, from cornrows to braided braids, Senegalese twists and all kinds of intricate braid patterns. Perfect if you want to lock what you have without adding.

21. Bob Box Braid With natural hair in a box braid, keeping it down is often enough for a flattering frame and movement.

22. Twist too long. A great alternative to protective braid styles, Senegalese twists provide the perfect look and desired length.

Beautiful Two Strand Twists Protective Styles On Natural Hair For 2023

23. Shaped natural lift. For African American hair, a flattering updo with twisted braids is simple, elegant, and perfect for any occasion.

24. Inverted braids and buns. An up braid with a tight, twisted bun is classic and eye-catching. Suitable for medium, limp hair.

25. Flat twists and side bangs updo. A few voluminous flat twist braids around your head can make a style statement. Turn them to one side and pin the edges together to freshen the dimples.

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

26. Kanekalon hair protection hairstyle. Do you think of using some extensions? Try this cute updo with multiple kanekalon braids with added color.

Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair Captured On Instagram

27. Flat Twist Updo. A chic updo with a flat twist like this shows off your cleavage and those cute earrings you just bought!

28. Twisted and combed coils. Another take on the twist up style, this style features long twists like an undercut, leaving a cute little comb that frames the sleek style.

29. Short braids that can be touched For natural hair, incorporating short braids into a tied bun is a great way to make your mane pop.

30. Chic and stunning faux mohawks. A faux rock curly lift creates a beautiful mohawk. A thin braid that protects the edges keeps it nice and sharp.

Easy Hairstyles For Black Girls 2023

31. Thick colorful braids. For African-American hair, adding a thick braid into a bun will help the color pop.

33. Atomic blonde fake rock. Want to see what blondes really have more fun with? Wear it for a few months and find out. This is a relatively quick protective style made using the crochet method. We love it!

34. Protective twist and lift. Need a protective style for growing hair? Do not look ahead! Such a natural protective hairstyle encourages hair growth and at the same time looks quite feminine.

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

35. Mohawk Bread Knots. This beautiful protective updo is feminine and sophisticated. Perfect for formal events.

Best Natural Hair Braid Ideas For 4c Hair To Try In 2023

36. Natural hair in big low bun. There are protective hairstyles that don’t stress your ends too much and encourage healthy hair growth. This is a good example of natural hair updo.

37. Sleek Smooth Protective Twisted Bangs. A common protective style for black hair: a twisted bun with an inverted braid.

39. Eating bread with pineapple. Inspired by pineapples, this unique style combines a variety of braids into one bold bun.

41. Semi-secured curly style. For curly hair, this half-up style allows for loose curls and includes subtle details like accented charms, ear-to-ear twists.

Protective Hairstyles To Try For Natural Hair

42. Protective beard with curls on top. Cornrows decorated with hairpins make a fun version of a mohawk and help you look your best anywhere!

44. Natural hair updo with voluminous top. Elegant style with light waves! The sides also draw attention, with several small pieces cut off.

45. Four Dutch braids. No time? Make 4 rows of braids in two low buns or tie the ends of two braids together.

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

46. ​​Fulani weaving. Hairstyles that protect ends don’t have to be boring. Using beads on the blade to frame the face will add more strength.

Protective Styles You Should Try — Maggie Rose

47. False Locs Gold Highlight. Want to add a little something to your hairstyle? Incorporate gold string and beads for a super flattering lift.

49. Huge natural plane twists. Show off your thick 4c hair texture with thick natural flat hair. Add a twist at the back of the head and pull it into a thick bun.

50. Transition of style. Want to switch to natural locks? This is a hairstyle where you can braid your natural short hair and add volume with extensions. It’s a good idea to wear a sleek hairstyle while growing out your full afro.

The next time you’re struggling to find a new and attractive protective hairstyle, check out our natural hair gallery. We have simple or complex designs to suit every taste and occasion.

How To Do Cute French Braids On Type 4 Natural Hair

Serena graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in magazine journalism. He is a published author both in print and online. She currently lives in Daytona Beach and works for the Early Learning Coalition, an organization that helps low-income children. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, attending country music concerts, exploring Florida, and of course, the beach. For women with afro-textured hair, natural curls are both a blessing and a liability. African-American women are blessed with thick, thick hair that can be skillfully styled into breathtaking hairstyles. However, natural Afro hair requires special care.

In the world of natural hair, lock-protecting styles have become an added bonus of having more (better) options for hiding hair in different layers. Protective styles include twists, braids, , fix-ups and wigs.

The Afro Puff hairstyle has taken over the hairdressing industry for its uniqueness and versatility.

Cute Protective Styles For 4c Natural Hair

This faux afro puff with extensions works even on short hair. It is very easy because it does not require knitting.

Protective Natural Hairstyles That Will Be Trending In 2023

Among the hairstyles that protect your natural hair, the Havana twist stands out for its elegance and style. Havana twists are made from different twists – a great solution for thick hair! Hairstyles include chunky twists made with natural hair and extensions.

One of the most common protection styles is the flat twist. Similar to Cornrows, but easier

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