How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener

How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener – Undeniably, the holy grail takes the crown when it comes to hair straightening. They’ve long dominated the industry when it comes to innovation, and it looks like their latest launch is going to be something special… Meet the ghd Oracle.

The brand describes the new styler as a ‘curling revolution’, so naturally our ears perk up. “Meeting the Jahdi Oracle; the first curler that allows you to create endless curls with just a slight tilt of the hand. The latest advances in styling technology open up endless curling possibilities and give you a look like no other.” ,” they say.

How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener

How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener

Sounds great, doesn’t it? We’ve previously seen the ghd shiny curling irons over their competitors, and even the brand’s newest venture, the Ghd Glide, impressed us with its gliding abilities for shiny hair.

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What’s up with this new curler? “A patented combination of hot and cold plates and an internal, high-powered fan, transforms your hair into beautiful waves without frizz. A smooth and shiny finish in one easy swipe. Breakthrough curl zone, instant cool going. Long-lasting look. -Permanent and perfect curls.” Explain the brand.

“With a simple tilt of the hand or a different section shape, you can dramatically change the curls you create. There’s no need to wrap or roll hair—all you need is a tool for endless curls.”

The curler costs £175, so it’s definitely not cheap, but it’s in line with ghd’s other stylers, which range from £139 to £175. The main difference? Customers are interested in receiving a free educational session from a professional hairstylist to learn how to get the most out of the curling tool prior to purchase, as the Oracle is only available for purchase in salons.

So, does it live up to the brand’s big claims? We put the new ghd Oracle to the test in our YouTube series on YouTube – if you’re new to these parts, we test all sorts of weird and wonderful beauty products on camera.

How To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

Three Cosmo editors (with three different hair types), try the curler for the first time – and find out

Oh, and if you’re into beauty, subscribe now to our YouTube channel, because every product you buy this month, we’ll test it on camera.

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How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener

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Ghd Soft Curl Tong

10 Best Hair Mousse for XXL Volume “My Hair Grown Until I Tried It” 13 Clarifying Shampoos That Get Your Hair Clean “My Thoughts on Patron Beauty’s Wash-Dryer” Victoria’s Secret models are often the cause of hair envy, but the good news is that recreating the Curls are much easier than it looks. We visited GHD HQ in London where GHD Stylist and Education Director Anton Alexander gave us a step-by-step guide on how to curl your hair with a straightener on Facebook Live.

Using the GHD Styler creates smoother curls than tongs or a curling wand, and is more versatile.

“I like to put my hand down and do a full circle, then gently slide it down the hair,” Anton told Hello! during his training.

Stylists recommend holding the styler lightly rather than firmly on your hair, as the heat and styling technique, not pressure, is what gives you curls.

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How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener

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No matter how hard we try, we’ve seen a stream of YouTube videos showing people curling their hair with curling irons.

So we decided to ask Harry Whippen, a stylist at Trevor Surby’s salon in London, and Adam Reed, GHD’s global ambassador, for advice.

Ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

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Below we’ve listed a step-by-step written guide on how to curl your hair with a straightener, or you can scroll down to the bottom of the article to watch the pros at work.

Harry advises that if you are starting from scratch – it is better to dry your hair. “You want your hair to be naturally bouncy and bouncy… If your hair is naturally frizzy, you’ll want to blow dry it.”

How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener

Next, Harry recommends prepping your hair with a hold and heat protectant spray—especially if you have thick or thick hair. Adam, surprisingly, recommends GHD’s Curl Hold Spray for creating curls that last for hours.

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To this Harry explains, “If your hair is a bit soft, the curls will fall out, but if there’s a bit of frizz in it, they’ll look great.”

When curling your hair with curlers, you should start from the back of the head – this, perhaps, people can be mistaken; Starts with too much or too little hair.

Take your hair in small sections, Adam insists. If you try to style too much hair at once, it will be too thick for the straightener and the curling effect will not work. Place the straightener down at the roots of the hair and close the plates.

Now for the part we struggle with: rotation. With the rollers in the down position, rotate the roller once in the middle of the back of your head and gently slide the styler through your hair. If you’ve ever used scissors to curl a ribbon, you know you need to hold the ribbon in place. Straightening your hair works on the same principle.

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Side note – the quality of your curlers plays a big role in how well you curl your hair with them. Even the GHD Original IV captures a bit more of the ice. The best skates we’ve used for this are the GHD Platinum Plus (pictured).

Harry recommends going off track and alternate directions – sometimes turning the skate away from the head and sometimes in. “Curls don’t go the same way, so one can come towards you and one can go and look more natural.” Adam says that changing the direction of the curl by turning your straightener in the opposite direction gives your hair a more “unprocessed” look.

Let the curls fall. “It’s important to let the hair cool, then when it’s all done, you can play with it instead,” Harry advises.

How To Curl Hair With Ghd Straightener

After your curls have cooled, brush your hair and gently run your fingers through the newly formed curls, separating and smoothing them.

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How To Curl Your Hair With Ghds

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