Silk Press Natural Hair

Silk Press Natural Hair – Whether curly or curled in its natural state, styled into braids or protective braids, or restyled with wigs, the versatility of black hair knows no bounds. Where once afro hair straightening was thought to involve potentially harmful chemicals, a new, more natural technique is gaining popularity in hair salons. The best part? The results are the same, but the damage is less. Come on, Silk Press.

Having the option to go straight safely is a game changer. Essentially, a silk press is a hair straightening method used on afro hair textures that ensures an incredibly smooth and silky finish. “It’s a modern hair straightener with a non-greasy effect that allows hair to move,” says Talysha Cox, owner of Elite Hair Salon UK. says one of the most important strands of afro hair.

Silk Press Natural Hair

Silk Press Natural Hair

After the hydrating shampoo and deep condition, the silk press technique begins by blow-drying hair straight with a paddle brush instead of the rounded version to reduce heat damage and manipulation, which afro hair doesn’t handle well. This is followed by slow, steady strokes with straighteners using the tracking method, where a fine tooth comb is placed in front of the straightener and combed through the hair. “Using the Chase method, we then straighten every little section of hair in just one pass to make sure the bone is straight.” “Doing this very gently seals the cuticle and prevents it from drying out.”

The Ultimate Diy Silk Press Masterclass

Straightening or scrunching your hair is nothing new. But it usually involved a hot metal comb (often heated directly on a kitchen stove, as many black women will have painful memories) and several heavy-duty hair products, known as “chicken” becoming. Talsha says this process often leaves straight hair stiff and limp, because it’s been overloaded with product. However, silk presses use hair straighteners that allow the hair stylist to precisely control the heat, depending on the thickness of the client’s hair. Minimal product is used too, resulting in maximum movement in the hair.

The main advantage is that this technique allows any African weave to straighten, no matter how loose or tight your natural braid pattern is. In the past, women often turned to chemical relaxers to achieve this effect, but Talsha—who began specializing in silk presses 10 years ago—says they’re really for everyone. “Clients often think a silk press won’t work with 4C fabric that’s too tight because they’ve been told they need to get comfortable,” he says. A review of the before and after photos on Elliott’s Instagram will clear any doubts.

The silk press can be obtained on both natural and unsaturated hair. This can also be done at the time of transplanting the regrown hair after relaxation. Getting a silk press is also the perfect time for that much-needed trimming agent. Where shrinkage often hides significant growth, any damage is visible when the hair is straight. Talsha explains that since afro hair is the drier texture, dry ends make hair brittle and can lead to breakage. “Order trims are important, otherwise breakage build-up and the hair will split,” she says. “As the hair grows out, you lose length at the bottom with split ends.” The key to winning the competition, Talsha says, is maintaining a healthy scalp to prevent hair loss. “I recommend mowing every three months. If trimmed regularly, you should usually only remove about a quarter of an inch.”

A silk compress usually takes about two hours, depending on the length and density of the hair. Thorough dual cleansing with KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo and Hydrating Detangling Shampoo ensures that product buildup and residue are removed.

The History Of The Silk Press: Black Hair Temporary Straightening Technique

This is followed by an optional but recommended deep conditioning treatment, which is left under a covered dryer for about 20 minutes. On my fine but long and full hair, it only took 20 minutes to dry. Then Talsha straightened my entire head in 35 minutes, which was pretty quick considering how small the clips are.

It’s surprisingly easy to maintain your silky salon press look. Avoiding rain in the fall can be difficult but humidity or steam can restore hair to its natural texture, so make sure your bag is large enough to hold an umbrella. At bedtime, comb your hair in a ring around your head and then secure it with a silk scarf. Talsha says, “If you follow the natural curve of your head, when you detangle your hair in the morning it will look so fresh and you won’t need to straighten it again, preventing additional heat damage.” Talsha says. . The technique was difficult to master, but thanks to my amateur lapping skills, I had good results the next day.

Also, be sure to avoid products that contain water and anything that weighs hair down. Instead, use a light oil like argan oil or a hair serum. It’s not meant to moisturize, Talsha adds, but rather to seal ends if they get cold. “When your hair is straight, like European hair, your natural oils can move up the hair shaft.” Talash adds. “Hair after a silk iron is often more hydrated than your natural oils.”

Silk Press Natural Hair

The silk press is not a permanent hair treatment. Results usually last two to three weeks, Talsha says, but some can last 6 to 8 weeks depending on how quickly you want to wash your hair. “If your hair isn’t wet, it will stay straight. As long as you tie it up well at night,” adds Talasha.

Blowout On Natural Hair (silk Press)

I can honestly say my hair has never been softer. Even though i love my gray hair, it feels so nice to be able to straighten it without any potentially harmful chemicals. Seeing my before and after photos of the cut was the most impressive part. Not only did my hair feel incredibly long and thick afterwards, but it also looked amazing when it came back to its natural texture. I loved Talysha’s focus on education. Focused on giving people the confidence to go to a black hair salon, with great haircuts and great customer service that is often overlooked. Also, going to a salon owned by a black woman is very inspiring.

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Silk Press Natural Hair

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Silk Press Hair

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