Quiff – Quiff hair is known as a classic look worn by Elvis Presley, James Dean and Morrissey. However, there are modern ways to wear this look. The characteristic of this hairstyle is the amount of volume on the hairline, which can be rounded, conical or spiral. Height on the forehead is beautiful on everyone, especially men with round faces.

There are many good ways to pull off this style. There’s the ever-popular faux eagle, a slightly elevated chic, and some even newer styles. Buns can be added to a structured crop, spiky look, or any type of messy hairstyle. Hair can be short or medium length, pulled only on the forehead.


There are two ways to get that signature volume at the hairline. For short hair and messy styles, it’s all about hair products. A good pomade bun that is almost dry can make hair last all day. For longer hair or more sophisticated styles, blow dry hair before applying pomade. It ensures the final volume and requires the apple part to hold it.

Guide: Choose The Right Undercut

Here are some ways to wear a quiff hairstyle. Make it your own with messy styling, spikes or pins. Here are some ways to rock the modern quiff.

Each kiff hair is longer on the front, with shorter hair on the sides and back. The hair can grow longer. Keep reading for some shorter options as well. This modern look with silver gray hair looks good on men of all ages.

It’s a classic figure just like the one Moz wears. Long hair is arranged high on the hairline and extends to the crown. This is a good style to make fine or thin hair look thicker, as well as reduce the appearance of thin hair. For those fine hairs, try one of these lightweight, sturdy containers. This is also an option for men with thick hair, although a stronger product is needed.

This fresh look combines contemporary textures with this classic silhouette. To cut the French man, this is an option to wear a fringe. Try hair wax to add texture to naturally shiny hair.

The Quiff Style Guide: What It Is & How To Style It Perfectly

Bits of texture and a pointed face give this quiff a modern edge. Add some shave lines and a handlebar mustache and mustache for a more polished look. Take one or all of these characteristics.

This is a screenshot! This adds extra height to a modern pompadour. It has a classic shape, but the matte finish and textured texture make it fresh and new. This type of hair is very popular among young men because it flatters everyone and is easier than it looks.

This messy artistic hairstyle isn’t exactly messy. It takes a classic idea and modernizes it with a distressed texture, wavy figure and some interesting pieces. It can be the hair of the second day or your first choice.

The bottom part can work with any hairstyle, but it works especially well with this one. The cut, fade and line work together to emphasize the height and sharpness of the modern kiff.

Hairstyle Quiff Undercut Pompadour Pomade, Hair, People, Fashion Png

The hairstyle fades drops falling behind the ears to create a wavy line. Add a burgundy color on top and you have this beautiful look.

This cut and style works for short hair too. Above we have popular short quiff hairstyles for men. All that is needed is an inch or so in length on the forehead. The remaining part is carefully trimmed to emphasize the height and thickness of the bun.

Most guys with Asian hair can style their hair to an enviable height. This cool look adds a contemporary touch to the quiff. Try one of these pomades for curly hair to recreate the look at home.

You will not know how to pull off this look without seeing the side view. The hair on the forehead is pulled in waves to achieve this fresh textured volume. From the front, her hair looks longer than it actually is. This is a good thing because it means styling is easy. Try a hair dryer to help train the hair to stay straight.

Wavy Quiff For Men: How To Style This Non Boring Holiday Hairstyle

Never fear, this hairstyle isn’t just for men with straight hair. This is totally workable for curly or wavy hair. This cool look takes that natural texture and pulls it off. Avoid irritation with hair cream so you don’t look like an eraser.

Here is another way to wear a quiff for curly hair. At this time, kinky curls can stand on their own. A side part adds extra coolness to this unique style.

It may not be an official hairstyle, but it should be. So many different things are happening at once, so let’s start at the top. There is a large characteristic peak in the front. However, it does not stop there, but continues with spikes until the crown. Then there is the anti-blur, the line behind it disappears and another hatch line. This style may not be for everyone, but it is good for someone.

This is one of those rare hairstyles that looks good on all men and works for all hair types. This version helps keep fine hair looking dull on the sides and hair pulled back with some texture and no shine.

Hấp Dẫn Mọi ánh Nhìn Với Kiểu Tóc Short Quiff Tại Phong Bvb

Here’s a great example of how old can be new again. The classic kiff was cut short and styled with texture, but kept the same shape and appeal as it always does. Look good is all that is left to say.

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Reuzel Fiber Pomade Smooth, easy to work with, super hold, but super light on your hair (not sticky or sticky) and has a natural feel. Find this apple

Baxter California Clay Pomade is paraben-free (matte finish), has a medium hold but feels super light on your hair. An excellent textured pomade all round. Find this apple

Layrite Original Pomade A longtime favorite, this pomade has a medium hold with a near-matte, low-shine finish. Find this apple

Textured Quiff With High Hold

Hanz de Fuko Claymation Firm but flexible hold, semi-matte finish. Control your hair with a natural look and feel. Get This Pomade Sign up for our newsletter and get a 15% discount code and be the first to get news, deals, specials and more.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, easy to style and most of all versatile, the natural quiff is undoubtedly one of the best options for you.

Natural Quiff One of our favorite modern cuts is that a good barber can shape the cut to the client’s face and work with natural hair movement. This is a low-key episode with a good haircut (the reason why he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt with a sick back cut).

How to Style a Natural Quiff To properly style your natural quiff, you need to find the right product for your hair type. Because it is ‘natural’; quiff, it is better to avoid bright products and focus on finishing options. The biggest factor in deciding which product is best for you is understanding how much money you should be carrying.

Featured Style: Skin Faded Textured Quiff

For hair that lies flat and needs a lot of help to achieve the style, you are better off with clay or matte pomade.

A light hold is a good choice for hair that wears naturally but needs to be tamed.

However, our personal favorite for this style is the styling powder. The styling powder has a flexible container, which means you can add as little or as much as you need. In addition, it has no styling powder, which means you can still run your hands through your hair all day.

If you want to see how a barber can achieve this cut, check out how to UD Barber Ambassador George Cody. You are a modern person – always look for a style that reflects your lifestyle and personality. Although choosing a quiff hairstyle is a trendy experience for a new look, you may wonder how to integrate this style into your busy social calendar. From the work week to relaxed weekend getaways and some hip parties and happenings in between, we’ve got you covered with some ideas on how to style your quiff for every occasion.

Quiff Hairstyles To Show Your Barber Asap

You work hard and must be put together and ready to show up Monday through Friday. Your quiff will definitely reflect your work ethic

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