Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair – Those of you who are just entering the world of knitting may find it a confusing and difficult task. In this article, we will show you that this is not true. Learning how to braid your own hair can be of great help to any girl.

Once you learn the basic techniques needed for different types of braids, you will be able to create many amazing hairstyles.

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

First you need to make sure your hair is brushed and then you can divide it into three parts.

How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair

You start braiding by crossing the right strand over the middle strand (image 2) and then the left strand over the new middle strand (image 3). Then repeat – the right part in the middle and the left part in the middle. All you have to do is repeat these steps until you reach the ends of your hair. Secure the braid in place with tape.

We’ll start with a simple wick and then show how to make a French wick and a Dutch wick.

Here’s how to make a traditional three-strand braid. The French braid is very similar, all you need to do is add some hair to the top sections of each braid.

Prepare your hair by washing it. You start in the same way as a normal braid – divide the hair into three parts. When you are ready to braid the right strand, you should add a small section of the remaining hair on the right side and then move it to the middle. Do the same with the left strand – add some hair to it, then go over the middle. Repeat these steps until you reach the end. There you have – now you have your French enemy.

Braiding 101: Fishtail, French And Dutch Inside Out Braids, Oh My!

Well, when it comes to the Dutch enemy, there is only one difference and that lies in throwing. When doing Dutch hairstyles, you don’t curl the hair sections up in the middle, but down. And that’s the only thing that’s harder to get used to. You will get the idea when you see the next picture. Don’t worry – it’s easier than it seems, it just requires patience and a little practice.

Divide the hair into three sections and start with the right section by adding hair and going down the middle. Do the same on the left side – add some hair to the strand and place it under the middle. Repeat these steps until you have no extra hair. Then the enemy is finished.

These braids are very simple, but once you learn how to do them, you will be able to create better and more beautiful hairstyles every day. Want to learn how to braid your own hair? I do? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this post you will learn step by step how to style your own hair. French fans are very fashionable right now and I really understand why! It’s a beautiful hairstyle and a very practical one too!

How To Braid African Hair: Black Braided Hairstyles

The French braid is very light and is good for two or three day hair. The bonus with French braids is that if you sleep with them in your hair overnight, you’ll have beautiful waves the next day when you pull them out!

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When you do a French braid, cross the hair upwards and in the middle. When you do a Dutch braid, cross the hair down and in the middle. The only difference between the braids is whether you cross the hair up or down.

So, if you know how to do a Dutch braid, French braiding your own hair will be a breeze! For a complete step-by-step guide on how to make a French sign, keep scrolling!

Hair Braiding For Absolute Beginners

Understanding how to French braid is one thing, but managing your hair while braiding is a whole other thing and probably the hardest part!

So I made another video to show you how to braid your own hair, but this time I’m going to explain how to hold the hairbands and which fingers to hold the strands with! Video link below!

: Comb the hair and divide it into 2 equal parts at the back of your head. Use a barrette or rubber band to secure one side to make braiding easier.

Take a section of hair and divide it into 3 equal parts. Now you have 3 strands of hair like a regular braid

How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair: Easy Dutch Braid Tutorial

Gather a small section of hair near the top. These 2 go together

Now, cross the top strand + the hair you lifted up and in the middle. (You can also cross the top strand over and into the middle first. Then add a section of new hair. Both methods give the same result)

Repeat on the other side. Now select a new section of hair near the bottom part. These 2 go together

: Now cross the bottom strand + the hair you picked up and in the middle

Braiding Your Own Hair

Repeat steps 5-8 until no more hair is added. Then braid the rest of the hair like a regular braid. The enemy is then bound with a rubber band. Don’t forget to check if the enemies are the same height

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Here’s How To French Braid Your Own Hair

Let’s strengthen these hands! Once you know the basics of mirroring, it’s time to start weaving the back of the head. This instructable will strengthen your coordination and visual communication skills needed to create beautiful jewelry. Try doing it without the help of a mirror, but if you need a copy I won’t tell!

Smooth the top half of your hair back and up into a ponytail and secure with a small rubber band, leaving the rest of your hair down. It’s easier to focus on what your hands are doing if you’re not struggling to keep your hair in one place! If you have short hair and the ponytail is too short to braid, try two braids, or leave it all in.

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To start learning how to braid, all you need is hair, a mirror and skill in both hands. Everything else here is just to improve your results!

Double Dutch Braid

Divide your ponytail into three sections. Run your fingers through each one, then cross the right part over the middle, then the left part over the middle, and so on as you have learned.

Be careful not to catch any hair outside the ponytail when braiding. You can put it in a makeshift tail or throw it over your shoulder in case of trouble.

If you are not used to braiding your hair, your hands can tire quickly. Rest is good! You can leave one part while keeping the other two. This way you can relax with just one hand. The more you knit, the stronger your hands get!

Continue weaving until you reach the end of the tail. Pull out

How To French Braid Your Hair: Step By Step Photo Tutorial

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