Youtube How To Braid Your Own Hair

Youtube How To Braid Your Own Hair – Girl, join our French braid group and learn how to braid in French. Check out this tutorial on how to French braid your hair. I will guide you step by step as I do my braids.

Please tell me I’m not the only girl who spends hours on the floor practicing French knitting? I taught third grade and never looked back. Middle school and high school they called me “the braided girl” because I braided everyone’s hair at every dance. (Cornrow Face) and football matches are popular with men. I always love doing other people’s hair… and my own! After I went to high school I stopped knitting because it was out of style, luckily, eight years later… it’s back in style! I guess we can thank Kylie Jenner for that, but let’s be honest.

Youtube How To Braid Your Own Hair

Our good friend Laura, who was also the manager of ModernWell, inspired me and Linley to do another braid on our hair, she was the EN of French braids. Kudos that French braiding is a learned habit because after 8 years I still remember how to do it! Now…I make it every week and love it every time.

How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair For Beginners, 15+ Million Views!

French braiding in pigtails is easy! All you need is a comb and 2 straighteners. Watch my video above and the steps below!

French braiding takes practice. The more you do for yourself, the more you get! If you are used to braiding your hair. You can start playing with the size. The bigger the cubes you use, the better. The wider and thicker your braids will be. You can also enjoy the bubbles below. Or make two messy buns, or even braid a pony! My final advice: look at the lessons. I watch hair tutorials all the time on YouTube. I quickly got lost in that shit.

French braids are amazing and make a lot of sense. I usually throw up on the 3rd or 4th day of my very dark hair. It works wonders for covering oily skin, and ladies, you don’t want to look greasy now, do you?

Tell me! Do you know how to style your hair in French? And when did you learn!?

Hair Braiding For Absolute Beginners

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Free e-mail bonus 5 Tips for Making Healthy and Delicious Smoothies Our best tips and recipes for making great smoothies! Download Now The Dutch braid is very trendy right now. And I see it everywhere on Instagram and YouTube. It’s quick and easy to make and perfect for going to the gym or on a hot day.

The advantage of the Dutch braid is that if you put the braid in place, you will have beautiful waves. The next morning, so if you’re new to dutch braids and need some help. Show that you are in the right place!

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The Best Youtube Hair Tutorials

If you French braid you will cross the strands pass in the middle. When you do dutch braids, you will cross the strands at the bottom in the middle. The only difference is whether you cross your hair up or down. So if you know how to French braid. Dutch braid will be easy! The technology is 99% the same.

In the first video I did not explain how to hold the yarn while knitting. So I created a new and updated video on how to do dutch braids. I show you how I move my hair. and which finger hits the string Updated video linked below!

Step 1: Wash your hair and divide your hair into two equal parts at the back of your head. Use hair clips or elastics to release one side of your hair. to make the fabric easier

Divide your hair into 3 equal parts. Now you have 3 strands of hair like a regular braid.

What I Learned From Braiding My Own Black Natural Hair

Now take a small part of hair near the top, these 2 are to be joined.

Now cross the top of the thread + the hair you just gathered, in the middle (or you can cross the top thread in the middle first. Then add a bouquet to it. both ways will produce the same result)

Now repeat on the other side. Then take a new section of hair that is close to the bottom strands. These 2 are about to be joined.

Step 8: Now, cross the bottom thread + the hair you just took in the middle.

How To French Braid Your Own Hair

Repeat steps 5 – 8 until there is no hair to connect. Braid the rest of the hair in the same way. Then make the belt with an elastic band. Do not forget to check if the pigtails are the same length.

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How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair

I believe that braiding your hair can be a creative solution! Braids are not only very useful for tying up your hair during physical and outdoor activities. But you can also use the braid to show your personal style for any occasion. Whether they are elegant or dressed casually, I still use the jersey to make new friends. Because it’s a great conversation starter!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to braid your hair for the first time. We will discuss knitting basics and practice. Grab your glass and let’s go.

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To start learning how to weave, you need hair, a mirror and dexterity in both hands. Everything here will increase your results!

How To Braid Your Own Hair: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

The brush helps to smooth the hair while working. I like bristles made from natural materials like boar bristles or wood. This will help move the oil from the scalp into the hair shaft. A comb helps create a neat part by separating the hair on the top of the head.

When you are done braiding, elastics and hair clips will be used to hold everything in place. I love the little clear elastics for most braids. when buying bobby pins Try to find a color that matches your hair!

Sometimes it is necessary to part your short hair to keep it out of the way. Many types of computers are perfect for this job! A simple photo of a duckbill clip. Which I like because it doesn’t affect or influence your current state.

Braided hair is suitable for short hair. But to keep the hair roots shiny during the shower. You may want to try a dry shampoo spray. when placed on the forehead and crown and rubbed in. Absorbs excess sebum to remove oil from the scalp. Dry shampoo can also add volume to your look even if it’s not washed out! You can make your own dry shampoo from cornstarch (only used on light hair) and sugar-free cocoa powder. (Mix everything together for dark hair.) Check out Jessy’s Instructable for the full formula!

An Uncomplicated Guide To Braiding Your Own Hair

Ultimately, it depends on your hair type. You may want to use hairspray. Hair cream and/or lotion to prevent and combat frizz and flyaways.

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