Cutting Clip In Hair Extensions To Blend

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Cutting Clip In Hair Extensions To Blend

These days, you don’t have to have long, strong, healthy hair to look like who you are — and you don’t have to wear a full wig to mimic the look. Thanks to the many brands of hair extensions on the market, achieving red carpet-worthy long hair is as easy as snapping a few hair extensions into place. Of course, if you don’t know the right technique, your beautiful hairstyle can be anything. Fortunately, though, that doesn’t have to be your reality, as long as you take the time to explore some tips. Read our complete guide on how to mix extensions with short hair.

How To Blend Clip In Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Before you start, it’s worth knowing that not all plugins are created equal. “The key to seamless hair extensions depends on the quality, color and length of the hair,” hairstylist Carolyn Gahan said in a previous interview with the paper. “But if you can get all three, snap-on extensions can be an easy way to create volume, fullness, and length.”

With that in mind, as tempting as it may be to buy a bundle of plug-ins on sale, if perfect application is your goal then you should go for higher quality plug-ins. Luckily, there are several great brands out there, like Luxy Hair, Barefoot Blond Hair, and Insert Name Here (INH).

Speaking of the latter, INH has expanded its options to cater to more hair types, as the Raye Raye x INH collection includes extensions and complements in wavy, curly and curly textures. Extensions are made from Japanese synthetic fiber designed to resemble the wearer’s real hair or Remy human hair. One look at the brand’s Instagram feed and tagged photos, and it’s safe to say these products live up to their claims.

But even with a stock of high-quality clips, knowing how to use them makes a big difference. With that in mind, read on to learn how to mix extensions with short hair, according to Shauna Lee, Product Director at INH.

Marrakech Heat Mix Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions

When it comes to natural-looking hair, Lee says it’s best to opt for a set of at least seven extensions, which is the standard for all INH extension sets (except U-clips). This ensures the most discreet coverage. “More pieces help to better hide short, stubby areas,” she explains. “Our Lites are for those who want super natural density, our Medium is perfect for more volume and more density on the ends, and our Lux version is for those who want volume without going overboard.”

Of course, if you find individual extensions too troublesome, you can always opt for the aforementioned U-Clip, which is a single large extension that you insert between the top and bottom layers of hair. The only problem with U-Clips is that they can sometimes look noticeable on short hair; so if you go that route, Lee recommends going with curly ends that add layers to your hair, rather than hair naturally enhanced by extensions.

For the most seamless blend possible, Lee says she wants her natural hair to have the same texture as the clips, so you can’t see where the real one ends and the extensions begin.

As some plug-ins come directly, you may need to modify them as well. To minimize stress on your natural roots, Lee says to style the clips before inserting to avoid tangling. “Use a hanger to hang the extensions, and roll each weave separately for better blending,” she suggests.

Cutting, Blending & Layering With Jason Meacher And Ola Goldsmith

However, before heating extension cords, check that they are designed to withstand high temperatures – this is indicated somewhere on the packaging or in the description. Generally speaking, if you pick up a good quality set from somewhere like INH, Luxy, or BFB Hair, you’re in for it. However, it’s always good to check.

When you keep am# heating extensions to treat them like your normal hair: Use heat protection and set your tools to the lowest possible temperature to create a durable texture with minimal damage. (If you’re worried about using products on your extensions, be aware that many stylists recommend this, but they also recommend washing and conditioning after each use.)

Once the hair and extensions are done, it’s time to part the hair to prepare for the extensions. Instead of pinning them on top of your hair, Lee says to place the extensions under your hair, near the back of your neck. To do this, simply part the hair at the nape of the neck, cut the top layer, attach the extensions and continue the styling and blending process.

With each weft cut, Lee recommends backcombing (brushing at the roots) the hair to keep the clips securely in place for long-lasting wear. After applying the first weft, he moves the back of the head down and tucks the weft under the natural layers of hair. Then move to the side and make sure your hair is even.

How To Choose, Blend, And Wear Hair Extensions

While carefully trimming your extensions makes a big difference in the final look, Lee says you still need to carefully comb your entire head after everything is in place for the natural hair and extensions to really blend in. Once you’ve achieved your desired result, enjoy how the extensions blend seamlessly into your shorter hair. Advice from hair extension professionalsHow to mix extensions with short hair. Mixing hair extensions is the main focus in creating hair extensions without a perfect look!

Here at Vixen & Blush, we don’t have to wait for obvious and spectacular hair extension results. We perfect the art of hair extensions with your own hair. This is only because he has specialized in hair extensions for over a decade and is committed to being at the forefront of achieving the most natural looking hair extension results.

Going from short to long requires a lot of attention when adding hair extensions. First, we need to add enough hair so that the length matches the density of your own hair – longer length means you need to add more hair. A full head of sideburns is often more than enough hair to tie into short hair length with extensions. Some customers may add extensions with our stock half head and side clips – this depends on current hair length and density.

Color matching is equally important to create a perfect blend with hair extensions. If you are lengthening short hair with extensions, match the color to the last few inches of hair as this is the part you will be lengthening!

Is Clip In Hair Extensions Suitable For Short Hair?

To promote blending, we ask our customers not to cut their hair before hair extensions. Hairdressers generally like to create opaque and massive hairstyles, which are unnecessary if we try to lengthen them with extensions. As experts in hair extensions, we will be able to cut your hair in such a way that it will not damage the hair extension mix.

Finally, we recommend that you always trim and clip your extensions after fitting to create a perfect blend with your own hair. This will even allow you to create your ultimate set of clip extensions – giving you the chance to transform your short hair into long locks at home with just a few clips!

We also offer in-salon Clip In appointments, where you can coordinate your color with the help of our expert stylist. We also sell our full range of Clip In Extensions online, you can choose between full head with sides, full head, half head with sides, half head and 2 side parts, depending on the amount of hair needed to create the desired look.

If you need a little help with color matching, our team is on hand to find the best shade for you, from the brightest blondes to multi-dimensional balayage and jet black shades, we have a wide selection to choose from.

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