How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost At A Nail Salon

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost At A Nail Salon – Well, if you follow me, I’ll show you that this is definitely true for some women, but not for others – and of course this is my own opinion as an eyelash salon owner, but let me see if I can convince you 🙂

Depending on where you get them, they range from $80 to $300 for a complete set…

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost At A Nail Salon

But don’t go anywhere for $80 – just trust me (if you want a full explanation on this, read this article I wrote)

Something New: Eyelash Extensions! — Ella Yvonne

And a high price is not always an indication of good lashes. The goal here is to do your research before choosing a salon.

So let’s meet in the middle and for this article the average price for a good set of lashes is $180.

These lashes last about three to four weeks, depending on your natural rate of lash shedding, before they fall out enough to require fillers.

Well, we’re at $180 for 4 weeks of beautiful lashes that will make your eyes look beautiful 24 hours a day. That’s $45 per week.

Lash Extensions Vs Strip Lashes

This doesn’t apply to all women, but have been in the industry since 2011 and have worked with thousands of clients, nearly half of whom have had whiplash and continue their normal morning routine…

Let’s call them “Group A”. You wake up in the morning, shower, and do your hair and makeup for 20-60 minutes (we all spend different amounts of time, but I know we all wish it didn’t take so long!) The only difference is that your lashes instantly look amazing. , so applying mascara can save you a few minutes a day (some still prefer mascara).

So let’s call these women who save two minutes a day. Multiply that by 30 days and that’s a total savings of 60 minutes. It’s not a big deal, but a free hour every month in our busy lives!

They love eyelash extensions because it keeps their whole morning routine to a minimum because when they have eyelashes it draws attention to their eyes and allows them to wear much less makeup every day and still look great – you can see the big difference between before and after. After photos in my gallery (where my clients don’t wear makeup).

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Therefore, this group scaled back their usual makeup routine by at least 15 minutes and avoided the eye area entirely (no mascara, eyeliner or shadow). The natural beauty of the eyes, emphasized only by eyelashes.

Multiply that 15 minute savings by 30 days and we get 450 minutes or seven and a half hours a month!

Plus, we’re not even thinking about “touching up” for an afternoon trip to the grocery store, a quick trip to the local coffee shop for some lattes, a trip to the gym, or any of the dozen other things you normally do. . For a quick 5 minute touch up job…

Of course I don’t know what you do or how much you make, but for this example let’s say you make about $20 an hour (you have the opportunity to make more). So for 7.5 hours of work (how much you save if you fall into category B), then look at $150 in savings.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Actually Last?

Now of course we can’t rate every hour of the day but time is a finite resource I believe it helps to see where our time is spent. Each of us only has a certain amount, and there is no money that can buy more.

So my opinion that upper lashes can save you money is just an opinion and varies greatly from person to person, but I know personally that I spend a lot less time doing makeup when I have lashes…

But the real reason we buy them isn’t to save time or money (that’s just a bonus on the one hand) – but because they make us look prettier, more confident and less concerned about how we look. When done right, they create that “wow” effect that’s hard for people to notice because good lashes look so natural.

It’s one of the few beauty treatments that lasts a whole month and looks good all day and night (no needles!) – whether you wake up in the morning and head to the beach. Go for a swim or come back from a run on a hot day.

Eyelash Extensions Prices Ny Salon

Maybe you are, maybe not – but I hope this idea has sparked a thought that could save you time (or money) in the future, and if you’re interested in booking eyelash extensions, get in touch 🙂 Incorporate makeup into your daily routine, big, The secret of bright eyes is one thing or another. You will know it is two coat mascara. While mascara helps you get fuller, longer lashes, it tends to smudge in our humid environment. To keep their lashes full 24/7, some women prefer eyelash extension services as an option to keep their makeup from melting off, especially in Singapore’s hot weather. Not only are they stain resistant, but they save time getting ready in the morning.

We’ve compiled a list of well-rated and affordable Singapore eyelash extension salons and boutiques by price so you can look gorgeous on a budget.

Good news for those living in the east: Allure Rebel is located in Pasir Ris, so you don’t have to drive into town just to get your lashes on. At-home salons offer quality services at affordable prices, such as: B. Touch-ups and wipes from $5 and 1-6 lashes from $35-$65.

Price: From $35 for natural extensions Address: Pasir Ris Full address will not be sent until your appointment is confirmed.

Lash Extension Maintenance: Do’s And Dont’s

Sengkang residents can go to April Lashes to fix their eyelashes. The salon uses soft and fluffy lashes that won’t irritate your eyes and instantly give you a soft, glamorous look.

Price: From $45 for classic 1D extensions Address: 467B Fernvale Link, Singapore 792467 Full address will be sent only if you confirm your appointment Reservations: WhatsApp 8268 6331 or DM to book an appointment on Instagram

Selash SG, another private salon in Pasir Ris, uses ultra thin lashes for their extensions. They give you extra volume and make you look makeup-free for the day.

Price: From $48 Classic Extension Address: Pasir Ris, full address will be sent when you confirm your appointment Reservations: WhatsApp 8268 6331 or Instagram DM to make an appointment

How Much Do Lash Extensions Cost? [survey & Market Data]

Rêver specializes in C-curls that mimic the natural shape of our lashes to make your extensions look as realistic as possible. First time users get 10% off all eyelash styles.

Price: From $60 for classic extension Address: Punggol Full address will not be sent until your appointment is confirmed. Instagram

Westerners, don’t worry. Lashcious is a private salon in Jurong. A free cleaning service is included with every eyelash appointment.

Price: From $78 for classic 1D lashes Address: 761 Jurong West Street 74, Singapore 640761 Full address will be sent only after your appointment is confirmed Reservations: WhatsApp 9002 5515 Instagram to schedule an appointment

What Should You Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Tina Lash Brow Beauty does waxing, threading and facials on eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension services start at $78 for 1D Japan Eyelash Style It also offers a 10% discount for first-time users if you choose to purchase the 4D or bulkier style.

Price: From $78 for Japanese 1D lashes Address: 141 Pasir Rees Street 11, #10-169, Singapore 510141 Hours: 09:00 – 20:00 (Monday to Friday) | 09:00 – 18:00 (Saturday) | Closed on Sundays. Reservations: Call 9892 4578 to make an appointment or reserve through Tropica Club.

In addition to providing eyebrow trimming services and an FKCR initiative for cancer patients, Lianhuey manufactures nails and eyelashes. Make your lashes look like Chio, Jin Chio or Sibei Chio in any season.

Price: From $78 for natural lashes (trial) Address: 245A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058794 | 669A Edgefield Plains, Singapore 821669 (lash only) Reservations: DM via Instagram to Instagram an appointment

Cat Eyelash Extensions: Are They Perfect For Your Eye Shape?

Pipao’s Makeup Room is an on-the-go eyelash extension and makeup service that allows you to do eyelash in the comfort of your own home at no extra cost.

Emerald Allure offers unlimited lashes to achieve the look you want. East has 3 locations and 1 of them is centrally located in Bugis. Western, Emerald Allure’s Instagram account

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