How To Put Eyelash Extensions On Myself


Ever since I started making my own eyelash extensions, I get a lot of questions about them, especially on my instagram. I hope this post answered all your questions! I’m giving you a start-to-finish tutorial on how I made mine. As a blonde, my lashes are barely visible without mascara. Also, I have straight lashes, so curling my lashes and applying mascara takes up most of my makeup time. With my 3rd baby and 2 kids in school, I’m always running around school/errands, and since I’ve been using this extension, be prepared to go even faster! For those wondering, this is different from just wearing false eyelashes. This glue has a stronger hold and can last up to a week or more depending on how you apply it. It comes with clear glue, but I highly recommend getting a dark glue that dries to black. It’s a huge bottle and lasts forever. These are synthetic lashes and each one has 4-5 individual lashes which makes the application process faster than using one lash on each lash.

How To Put Eyelash Extensions On Myself

I have tried regular eyelash extensions before and they were great. But it’s expensive and I don’t have 2-3 hours every few weeks to log in and charge it. These eyelash extensions are $10 to start! $10 everything! And the refills are only a few bucks and last me at least 2 applications. It’s crazy cheap! I have been telling everyone I know about these at-home eyelash extensions. Since I’ve been using it for over a month, I can use a full set in about 20-30 minutes and it lasts me a whole week without touch ups.

Eyelash Extensions Vs False Eyelashes: Do You Know The Difference?

Let me tell you, waking up with black curly lashes is a GAME CHANGER for a blonde! Lashes make the biggest difference and my eyes are lost without them. Now I feel 70% ready for the day before I start putting on my makeup.

Ok, on to the tutorial…be sure to also read all my notes at the bottom of the post. I talk about how to care for and remove eyelashes.

Each tab is a small bundle of about 8-9 tabs, all connected by a small ball at the bottom. I would refer to one of these as “individual strokes”, but note that each one is related to a group stroke. The first step to properly placing each eyelash is to hold them properly with tweezers. Get a bunch of single shots slightly above the ball (see image above). If you get too close to the ball, you will get glue on the clamps, which will make it difficult to stick to the tabs without it sticking to the clamps.

To get the glue on the tabs, I’ve tried pouring glue onto small pieces of tin foil, but the glue is hard to see and sticks too quickly. I have found that the easiest way to apply glue to the bottom ball of the individual lashes is to hold the glue container in one hand and the tweezers in the other and gently tilt the glue container until the glue almost comes out. . When the glue is near the edge of the container, dip each whip ball into the glue directly from the container. This way, the glue doesn’t dry out and it’s less messy. Try not to use too much glue on the actual lashes, but put a good amount on the ball so that there is enough to stick to your lashes.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Start by applying the first 2-3 MEDIUM lashes to the outer right eye (moving towards the inner eye) and then repeat on the left eye, also working from the outside in. To use your personal lashes, simply hold the lashes in place with glue and gently place them on top of one of your own lashes. Gently rub the glue ball along the top of your own lashes to add glue to the top, then place the lashes one at a time on top of the lashes. Try not to stick your own lashes to your skin. I accidentally got the liner on my skin once and it irritated my eyelids for about a day. Once the lashes grow naturally, they will stick to the lashes and no longer to the lids, so try to put them on the lashes only. Also, putting them too far from the base of the lashes will leave little black balls at the tips and they will look messy and defined. Individual lashes can move for about 60 seconds once applied, so feel free to adjust them slightly if needed before setting them down.

Place the next individual tab as close to the previous one as possible. The closer, the fuller and more natural your lashes will look. I like that the little balls on the tips of the lashes basically touch along the lash line. I also like to “curl” my lashes – I put one lash on one of my lashes and one on one of my lashes right above it, so it’s nice and full. That way, if some fall over the course of a few days, you won’t have an empty spot that you need to fill again immediately.

I use medium length lashes only on the outer edge of my lashes. If I continue it in the middle of the eye, I think it looks too long and fake. After applying 2-3 medium length lashes to the outside of each eye, I applied SHORT length lashes. This will make the lashes look more natural and less long on the inner eye. Continue working outwards towards the lash line as before, adding 3-4 at a time on each side to make the eyes look even. Apply short lashes as close to the inner eye as possible. Since these lashes are much smaller, they are quite difficult to stick to your own lashes. You just have to go as far as you can.

When you apply the lashes, they need to be pressed to adhere to the real lashes regularly. With the tweezers closed, gently press the lashes into the lash line making sure they stick to your own lashes. Also, because my lashes are straight, I’ll sometimes open the tweezers so that the false and natural lashes are between the tips, and then press the tips of the tweezers so that my lashes rest more against the false lashes.

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes In 5 Easy Steps

Once the lashes are applied, do not add mascara or eye makeup for a few hours to ensure the lashes are fully set. I try really hard not to touch it or poke it into my pillow when I go to bed at night to keep it nice and curled. In the morning, it can be patchy, so take your mask and apply it slowly, pointing the wand towards you. Make sure you only do this on your lashes.

The first time you apply the lashes, it may take 30-40 minutes for them to take hold. And it can be a big mess. Don’t stress! It took me 3 or 4 times before I really felt like I was going. They may look a little sparse or thin the first time you wear them, but the more you wear them, the better they’ll look and the faster you’ll get them.

Removing lashes can be tricky and a bit painful. But let me tell you, it’s not as painful as trying to get professional eyelash extensions removed! I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about the eyelash remover that comes with the starter kit. It doesn’t burn my eyes like some reviews say, but it does make my lashes fall out as easily as I would like. Here’s my solution: I wore my lashes until they basically fell out on their own. If you put everything nice and close, it will usually fall off on its own after a while. Sometimes the lashes start to fall out and still stick to 1-2 lashes so I use a Q-tip and rub the lashes with

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